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freaquent froschelectronics GmbH is an OEM manufacturer and system provider in the field of RFID.

freaquent froschelectronics GmbH provides high-performance LF- and HF read/write devices, modules and antennas that have been engineered to impress customers with high data rates and an excellent reading range. Frosch Electronics OG started 2002 as a RFID service provider. Triggered by market needs for new developments and customization, in the first several years of the company’s existence Frosch Electronics developed RFID read/write devices for LF and HF applications. In that time, Frosch Electronics was also able to produce numerous innovations in the field of antennas for LF- and HF-RFID systems along with an active RFID system capable of showing its amenities primarily in the field of the exact tracking of personnel and equipment. Meanwhile, in 2011, as an OEM for RFID components and a provider for RFID-systems Frosch Electronics decided to reorganize and re-establish itself as “freaquent froschelectronics GmbH”.

freaquent froschelectronics GmbH stands to benefit from its good reputation as a highly flexible partner in product customization and development. Partners and customers are RFID system integrators as well as representatives from the RFID industry and scientific and research institutes.

freaquent froschelectronics GmbH boasts an export rate of more than 90%, and our products are delivered in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Our products and innovations are used in a wide range of industrial and professional identification applications as well as in tracking solutions with high accuracy requirements.

Demands as complex as ATEX and PoE are also supported as cyber applications utilizing web-portals.


Reinhold Frosch

Reinhold Frosch

Managing Director

The „freaky“ part of freaquent froschelectronics GmbH.

Stands for willingness to technical innovations as well as trustworthiness and handshake quality

Helmut Köberl

Helmut Köberl

CTO, Partner

A-levels in Electrical Engineering, Master Degree in Physics at Technical University Graz, R&D engineer at NXP Gratkorn, co-founder of freaquent froschelectronics GmbH


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