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Low Frequency 125/134,2 kHz


HTRM 301/310/321

Short/Midrange Reader with anticollision, Reading Range up to 40 cm, supports Hitag, EM, ISO11784/85, ISO 14223, ISO 18000-2.

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HTRM 803/903

Long Reader with anticollision, Antenna fine tuning features, Reading Range up to 100 cm, supports Hitag, EM, ISO11784/85, ISO 14223, ISO 18000-2, Big variety of extension boards.

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Focused on the demand of gas cylinder management systems freaquent developed a high sophisticated Reader Device for EX II 2GD Ex d IIB+H2 applications. With integrated Multiplexer for up to 4 antennas, fastest detection speed for fastest conveyor speed and PoE+ and Ethernet connectivity this reader and antenna system provides best convenience at highest security

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