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High Frequency 13.56 MHz


HF RFID Interrogator SLRM1000

This new HF reader system was designed to fully utilize the advantages of the ISO18000-3mode3 standard such as fast anti-collision and 433 kHz downlink data rates.

ISO15693 and ISO18000-3mode3 compliant

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Following PCB-antennas have already been designed:

SLAN 1D_C_85

SLAN 1D_SL_180x250

SLAN 1D_SL_187x277

SLAN 1D_SL_250x344

SLAN 1D_SL_320x410

SLAN 1D_4L_390x360

SLAN 2D_CT_228x450

SLAN 2D_CT_168x657

SLAN 3D_4L_250x234

SLAN 3D_6L_300x440

SLAN 3D_6L_320x410


1D Antennas: Designed in order to read transponders in z-orientation.
2D Antennas: Designed in order to read transponders in x- and z-orientation.
3D Antennas: Designed in order to read transponders regardless of there orientation.
The figures at the end of the order number indicate the outline dimensions.

Different dimensions of PCB-antennas, big single loop antennas and multiple antennas with a tunnel-like geometry can be designed and delivered on demand.



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